Ambulance Care Assistant

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Founded in 1995, HATS has been providing public sector solutions for nearly two decades. The company has successful working relationships with the NHS, Primary Care and Mental Health Trusts, Local Authorities and other public sector bodies.


For 20 years the HATS Group has experienced a period of steady growth as it established a reputation for professionalism and excellent service. The growth of the company has allowed it to expand its resources in several key areas.

HATS is now recognised as an industry leader and has developed a number of specialist departments. The company has also been proactive in diversifying its services to match the changing needs of the marketplace.

A company which continues to develop, HATS prides itself on its reputation for professionalism and excellent service. And as a recognised industry leader, HATS is set to see further growth in what is likely to be a prosperous future.




Responsible for providing Ambulance care. Assessment, treatment and movement of patients in and out of hospital clinics & care facilities.  Work non-emergency situations. Deal with patients across a wide range of groups and sometimes in difficult settings. Assist other ambulance crews or operations when needed.



  • Ensure personal and/or vehicle readiness and availability to attend cases, urgent, special or planned patient journeys.
  • Maintain regular communication with Dispatch Centre regarding updates and changes to personal and/or vehicle availability and movements. Indicate availability status of Ambulance by use of CAD System (Computer Aided Dispatch) or other electronic systems provided.
  • Conduct safe patient transport with care and compassion to patients, including assisting other clinicians when appropriate and in line with the company scope of practice policy. Select and apply in each instance the appropriate patient care procedures in accordance with your training, Clinical practice guidelines and appropriate company policies and procedures.
  • Complete and maintain full and accurate records for all patient movements, with particular emphasis on patient dignity and needs. To communicate highly sensitive medical information in sometimes distressing circumstances to clinicians the patient and relatives where appropriate. whilst promoting understanding of the current patient medical condition and providing advice and reassurance with empathy, professionalism, assertiveness and tact.
  • Other tasks reasonably and normally incidental to the job are set out in the company policies and procedures.
  • Liaise with other clinicians & health professionals and communicate information to all levels both internally and externally.


  • Drive all relevant vehicle types operated by the Client’s as required and with sympathy, in accordance with current road traffic law and any specialist training given.
  • Check allocated vehicles and equipment prior to use, ensuring that they are clean and ready for use, fully equipped, and that all equipment is functioning in accordance with Client’s policies and procedures.
  • At the completion of duty carry out vehicle inspections ensuring that all defects, deficiencies and accident damage are reported. The vehicle is cleaned and waste disposed of appropriately in accordance with company’s procedures



  • Complete and submit all necessary reports and notifications as required by the Company’s Operational, Clinical, Health & Safety (and other relevant) policies and procedures and alert operational management if Policies or Strategies adversely affect users of the service
  • Record details and maintain records of passengers, journeys, vehicle refuelling and duty hours in accordance with Company’s policies and procedures.
  • Compile accurate reports on accidents, untoward incidents, vehicle serviceability and equipment requirements as necessary in accordance with Client’s policies and procedures.



  • Be available for duty in accordance with shifts planned by the Company
  • As required and in accordance with Company’s agreements, respond to requests from Managers or Resource Centres, Supervisory teams and/or Dispatch centres to change planned working hours or location to ensure optimum cover and utilisation of vehicles and staff.



  • Attend education and development courses that are mandatory for maintenance of professional qualifications, or which the Company deems necessary for individual and/or organisational development. Attend recertification and clinical audit courses as required.
  • Support relevant professional development opportunities necessary to maintain and improve clinical competence.
  • Identify developmental opportunities within the work context and take part in activities which lead to personal and professional development.
  • Develop and maintain a Personal Development Plan, and participate in Individual Personal Development Review processes including workplace reviews and clinical supervision.
  • Maintain and take responsibility for standards of personal and career development, including participation in company or client Continuing Professional Development (CPD) initiatives and processes, contributing to the Client’s clinical effectiveness.



  • As appropriate, accept responsibility for the security of company / client’s property and facilities, including buildings, stations, vehicles and equipment.
  • Responsible for the safe keeping of Patients’ property, valuables etc, where the patient is incapable of performing this function.



  • Maintain high professional standards of personal behaviour and appearance in accordance with the Company’s Vision and Values, Dress Code and other policies and procedures.
  • Exhibit standards of personal and professional conduct and performance.
  • Contribute towards maintaining the cleanliness and high professional standard of vehicles, equipment and the workplace.


  • Subject to their own level of competency and stage of their career, the post holder is responsible for monitoring the actions, carried out by other company/client’s Staff or third parties, ensuring compliance with ProTrainings, and Policies and Procedures of the Company. The presence of higher qualified healthcare professionals may have a bearing on the degree of responsibility expected.
  • Accept responsibility for patients and their belongings when working with other lesser qualified or experienced staff.
  • Manage an incident scene until further resources arrive.



  • Identify and report actual or potential hazards/ risks in the work environment in accordance with company\client policies, and take immediate action to minimise risks where it is reasonably practicable to do so.
  • Identify and report to the appropriate authority incidents of risk, neglect, abuse or endangerment to vulnerable adults and children.
  • Follow company\ client policy on use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) e.g. Hi-Visibility Clothing, Gloves etc.
  • Awareness of and compliance with Health and Safety Regulations.




Physical Requirements Must meet eyesight standard required for PCV licence. Post-holders should be in good general health. Physically fit, with good eyesight at least conforming to Public Vehicle Regulations. Able to carry out manual handling including:- lifting and manoeuvring of heavy patients and equipment as is within the ability of the post-holder with suchequipment and assistance as may be available.- must be able to pass Occupational Health medical assessment to the standard required for PCV Licence- must have acceptable level of sickness absence, in accordance with standards set out in company’s policies Required Skills, Knowledge & Experience - adaptability and flexibility when dealing with others - interpersonal communication and social skills (including non-verbal)- potential and willingness for organisational change - demonstrable ability to handle stressful/sensitive situations with tact, diplomacy and assertivenes - demonstrable ability to work on own initiative- potential and willingness for personal change with the ability and commitment to learn new skills - understanding of and ability to interact effectively with people from diverse backgrounds - good verbal and written communication skills Driving Licence and Experience - must have held full manual licence for minimum of 3 years- licence must be current, valid in the UK, cover vehicles of category B1 (Up to 3,500kg in weight), with no more than3 points- no previous convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol Other Requirements - no serious criminal convictions - all applicants will be subject to a Criminal Records Bureau check


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