The Team

Meet the Croydon Works team

  • Adhnan Ahmed

    Adhnan Ahmed

    Job Role: Croydon Works Manager

    What that means: Managing the Croydon Works service ensuring we are providing the best service possible to Croydon residents.

    Background: I spent 6 years in the recruitment sector recruiting for blue chip organisations such as Accenture, Deloitte and PWC and have been in the employment support sector for the last 5 years.

    Likes: Cars, cats and dogs   

    Dislikes: Chilli and heights

  • Peter Wallace

    Peter Wallace

    Job Role: Construction Skills and Pathways Coordinator
    What that means: I work with local employers within the construction industry and source the best local candidates for the local jobs. I also organise course and refer candidates to other providers, in order for them to obtain qualifications and start new careers within construction. 

    Speciality: Construction (all stages)

    Background: Recruitment
    Likes: Efficiency
    Dislikes: Lack of privacy


  • Miriam Crossgell

    Miriam Crossgell

    Job Role: Job Brokerage Officer
    What that means: Assisting residents who are in a low paid employment to gain new skills and secure better paid employment. I assist them with job searching, creating CV's, completing application forms, covering letters, as well as submitting them to advertised vacancies and preparing for interviews.
    Background: I have worked in the welfare to work sector for 5 years as an Employment Advisor assisting individuals to secure employment.
    Likes: Helping others
    Dislikes: Writing about herself

  • Angela Woolnough

    Angela Woolnough

    Job Role: Job Brokerage Officer
    What that means: As a Job Brokerage Officer I work with local Hospitality, Health and Social Care, Education, Childcare and IT Employers and source the best local candidates for local jobs. I work in partnership with employers to ensure that I gain a good understanding of their staffing requirements, I pre-screen candidates and prepare them for interview, ensuring that a high calibre of candidate is presented to the employer.

    Speciality: Currently I am covering the Hospitality, Health & Social Care, Education, Childcare and IT sectors.

    Background: Over twenty years of experience working within, Education, Employment, Training and Regeneration.  I hold qualifications in Assessing Vocational Achievement, Teaching Others Money Management, Advice & Guidance and Public Administration.  I have worked across a range of projects and industries, including Construction, Financial Services, Education and Health, within the Public, Private and Voluntary Sectors.
    Likes: Helping others.  I get great satisfaction from assisting others to achieve their employment goals.
    Dislikes: Unreliable candidates who don’t turn up for their appointments or interviews!

  • Tufael Aliahmed

    Tufael Aliahmed

    Job Role: Job Brokerage Officer
    What that means: To support Croydon residence a pathway back into sustainable employment and to support Croydon business with their recruitment needs.

    Speciality: Facilities, Warehouse, Logistics, Security.

    Background: Over 7 years’ experience in Welfare with a clear understanding of the labour market. I take pride in supporting residence back into work whereby my input and support has influenced another.
    Likes: Boxing, fitness and Wife's chocolate cake.
    Dislikes: Chocolate with mint.

  • Gurvinder Doal

    Gurvinder Doal

    Job Role: Job Brokerage Officer.
    What that means: Managing Retail and admin vacancies and supporting Croydon residents into these vacancies.
    Background: I have worked in the welfare to work sector for 5 years as an Employment Advisor assisting individuals to secure employment.Also supported NEET’s in Croydon Borough.
    Likes: Helping others, food .
    Dislikes: Dieting.

  • Emily Colwill

    Emily Colwill

    Job Role: Job Brokerage Support
    What that means: I am responsible for the candidate engagement and registration. I coordinate and support the team during various screenings for our Croydon Works vacancies.
    Background: I have worked within Croydon Council for 18 months and I studied Business Administration for 1 year in the Education Department within Croydon Council.
    Likes: Animals and shopping

  • Piotr Mach

    Piotr Mach

    Job Role: Monitoring and Assurance Officer
    What that means: My main focus is to make sure Croydon Works is compliant to all the internal regulations and legislations. I also support the Job Brokerage Team with candidate registration, stakeholder liaison as well as taking part in screenings and recruitment events 
    Background: I have worked in welfare to work industry for over 7 years, in various capacity. I also taught English as a foreign language for 6 years.
    Likes: Music, music, music.
    Dislikes: Not having headphones on public transport. And raisins.

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